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    Need some help from Mcdermott dealers, collectors or owners.

    I have a customer who's husband was killed in a car wreck. His cues were broken as well. I need close up pics of the buttsleeve as it was lost in the wreck. She has ask me to rebuild the cue for her to keep. The cue is a McDermott model# M8-03 which was discontinued in 2001 I think. I have pics...
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    Lomax Cues at the Open

    I usually post these before I go and a few have asked to see pics. So here they are and some were sold.Thanks for looking.
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    New Lomax jump cue for Earl Strickland

    Here is a pic of Earl's new jump cue. Thanks for looking.
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    New Lomax Cues getting ready for the US Open

    Working on these for the US Open. Thanks for looking and hope to see some of you there.
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    New Lomax Cues

    New ones to be shippd. Thanks for looking.
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    New Lomax Set (Gambler)

    New set sent to NC. Thanks for looking.
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    Diamond wood

    Where is the best place to buy diamond wood stock? Thanks for your replies. Best Wishes,
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    New Lomax cues shipped this week.

    New cues I shipped this week.
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    New Lomax Cues for Tunica

    Some new cues I will be taking to Tunica Thursday. Thanks for looking! Best Wishes,
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    Black/orange spec linen

    Does anybody have any black/orange spec irish linen I could buy? I need enough to do 1 cue for a customer. Or know where I can find some. Atlas doesn't have any. Thanks,
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    New Lomax SP's and jump cues.

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    New Lomax Set for Keith Bennett

    Matching set for Keith Bennett.Ebony,Ivory and Amboyna Burl.
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    New Lomax Cues

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    Lomax Cues shipped to Customers

    These are new cues I have sent out over the past few weeks.Thanks to all who ordered. I will have more going out soon.
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    Jump Cues going out today.

    Some new ones going out today and more before the end of the week. Thanks for looking. Best Wishes,