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    g10 as a break tip.....your thoughts please

    Best place for g10 in the cue biz is on a shelf.
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    6 nails on the head of one ??

    we always put 10 on top of 1
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    56 inch cue!!!

    The extra length at the back had no purpose.
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    56 inch cue!!!

    As Chris said most any cuemaker can do that, I've built 2, one for Allison Fisher and one for Hunter Lombardo
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    how to scuff up a phenolic tip......

    Use a tip pic on your tip, tip will last longer as well.
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    Lomax & bhq collaberation cue

    Cue is sold, contact me and I can build you one.
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    Up to $1600 for cue

    are you on FaceBook if so send me a message and I'll send you some pics
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    3/8X12 Pin

    Guido Orlandi uses 3/8 x 12 also.
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    What to use to secure a bumper?

    You can wrap a rubber band around the stem as well , it works pretty good and no mess when you need to take it out.
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    Schon cue extension problem

    Did you check to see if the rubber bumper was broached on the inside so it could be tightened down with an allen wrench
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    Brunswick anniversary build

    102 x 27 x 6 1/2 is the size of the light, I have one over my Anniversary.
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    Forward extension vs butt extension

    What kind of cue ? I can make one, I make mine out of carbon fiber.
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    Cognoscenti thread size

    Mr. Joe's pin is .437 x 11 and the threads are ground.
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    Lomax & bhq collaberation cue

    Cue priced at 4200.00. 29" but and 29" shafts , 18.5 oz with 2 13mm shafts. All diamond inlays are white elforyn.
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    Ferrule Issues (Nylon, PVC)

    Just use LBM and that should take care of it.