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  • Don,

    See you are entered in the Reno 8 ball event. Looking forward to finally meeting you. Popped a mid 120 on one of our new Diamond Smarts. First time in over two years since I last spoke with you. That and a dollar got me a cup of coffee at the pool room bar!


    I have a friend that has manufactured some really, really cool Black Widow billiard accessories. He'd like to send some to Jeanette as a Christmas present. Can you provide an address so that she'll get them?

    Hope to see you at the Derby!


    Rick Schmitz
    Dr Betmore, this is Mark Cantrill. I'm looking at having Archer and Varner make a stop in Indianapolis at the begining of February. Do you think it would work? also do you have any suggestions as to where we could go? I hope all is well with you, let me know thanks.
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