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  • I was in the Carolina cue shop when they opened up . saw pete tascarella and his son, pete jr. here in hickory. made in china- no way. I shot with matt Armstrong and mnike hancock for years here in hickory area. I also bought the VERY first caroline cue sold. still have it. shoots fine.
    Nice model HF-7 from the mid 80s. Any trades considered? I'm a HUGE modern day Huebler collector, and presently have a very old Huebler rare "Hoppe" cue, possibly pre-70, in great shape! Can send pics!
    Thanks for your help;) I already got some feedback. You were right about the SLC being after the death of Ray Schuler. It means Schuler Legacy Cue according to one of the members.
    go to cuezilla.com and look around there is a link to samsara on that site too, there are 5 guys who review a cue each week, the bottom guy is Jim Stadium he is 50% of Samsara and one hell of a great guy, Dave (something) is the cue maker. he is absolutely amazing, even their Bar Cues the low end line cues play great. for what ever reason there isnt much talk of them here on AZ, but everyone I met/know that ownes them loves them.

    have a good one,


    eric AKA Fatboy
    Great Samsara, you'll love that cue forever. man I love mine. i was born dec 29 66 were almost the same age. LOL

    take care
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