2014 Blackcreek - My SBE Delivery


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Hi all,

This is my first cue from Travis and I must say, it was a very smooth experience. And he delivered exactly when he said he would.

Palisander into a gorgeous piece of BEM. And it plays much better than it looks. Weight and balance are perfect for me.

Thank you Travis!

Thanks for looking,


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Sweet looking cue.
Simple elegance -- my favorites.
Love the Hoppe/Titlist solid butt sneaky type cues.


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I got to see this baby up close & personal at the show. Its bad a$$ all the way. Beautiful cue Chris
Thanks for sharing buddy


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chris, nice cue. i have had a couple of blackcreek cues and his workmanship is very good and they play well. congrats on a nice cue.



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there was two wrapless cues at the blackcreek booth that i really liked.. everytime i went by, i had to check them out...

i wish i would have bought one of them..lol



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That cue flows really well with that design and wood combo, great looking birdseye. I'm diggin' it.

I noticed the 1/2 joint and the metal insert in the butt. My 1st thoughts were
that you must have ordered it this way, because it shares these characteristics
with your maple Searing that plays so well. I'd say that was a smart move
on your part to take the influence from a great playing cue and have Travis
put it into this one.

I bet this cue plays incredible. Congrats Chris


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Love that and love what I've seen and heard about Blackcreek. As soon as I find me one with green veneers I might have to pull the trigger. I really like those broken diamond inlays too, very cool.
Congratulations on a nice pick up. Travis is a good guy. We spoke in detail about his cues and how he got into machining his own ss half joints. I had no intentions of buying a cue at the expo and didn't really have the cash to buy a cue. I was honest and upfront with Travis and he worked with me so I could pick up one of his cues. Glad I did. His cues play pretty sporty.


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Thanks guys for all the compliments.

My design. Travis's execution.