$250,000 payout


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Thanks for this list; some fantastic payouts.....I wonder if all the IPT payouts were made in full...seems like at the end, there was a problem with people getting their full payment? Too bad these payouts aren't the norm, but that seems unrealistic now......and in the back of my mind I think about the PGA Tour which seems to pay out $1 million for first prize every weekend......#@%$&*^!

The last IPT tournament, which was won by Efren in Reno, the payouts were delayed and thereafter paid on a scheduled basis.

I have heard that some of the qualifier players never got paid or refunded for the monies they paid to qualify, as well as some of the vendor and subcontractors never got paid at all.

For the pool player who competed in the tournament, though, to my knowledge, they all did get paid and received 1099s, to boot. :smile:


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Sad to say but taking your rose tinted glasses off and view pool from a business perspective... It doesn't warrant a $100k payout just now..

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heers a goofy for everyone
Foosball is having a 30,000 2/ 45,000 and a 60,000 dollar tournament this year.
I thought Foosball was deader than pool?

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The biggest bass fishing tournament this year pays $300,000. If you land the heaviest bass in the Championship event and you can win up to $50,000 and a brand new boat, motor and trailer. Its all funded and sponsored thanks to television advertising.


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Wait didn't...

Earl win a MILLION? He ran 11 racks of 9 ball without the template, or delta rack 13? Yea I think a million has to be the biggest tournament payout right?