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As some of you already know, I have had some health issues ( on and off,
mostly on) for the last six months. I am back in my shop now, but, only for
2 to 3 hours a day, I hope to be up to full speed soon. However, I have fallen behind enough that I have stopped
taking any orders for cases until I get caught up. I want to assure those
of you that have cases on order that you will get your case as you ordered it
and to your liking. Meanwhile I thank you all for you patience and understanding.
Sincerely, Steve Price

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Get well soon Steve. Hope to see you back up and at full strength soon. I am happy to own one of your cases even though I didn't get it directly from you.

Worth the wait in my opinion.


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Glad you are beginning to feel better. Health problems suck... been there.


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recover speedy Buddy, we need to see new Cases from you. Glad you are on the better way as I have a shitty 2012 myself.