AccuStats uploaded Mike Sigel's 150 and out


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One of the cleanest runs ever. I understand why he retired but I miss seeing him play. Also a great 9 ball player and he loved the spotlight. Bigger the stage the better he got.

Bob Jewett

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Thanks for the link. I have copied it over to the main forum so it can get a little more attention.


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I've always tried to model my straight pool game on Sigel's. He seems to shoot the right shot all the time, with very good patterns. I've watched this exact run more times than I care to admit. There are many lessons to be had by studying it. Grady is just phenomenal in the booth, but that's a given, of course.

I think the number one takeaway I got from this video, out of many, is the emphasis on shooting the shot that gives you position at a natural speed with normal english, and building up the pattern that way. I always had a tendency to "force" the pattern by shooting slow, spinning in shots and generally shooting "off speed". In the long run, it's low percentage stuff, and it catches up to you. I improved my runs by trying to shoot natural shots more, and in a sense "relearn" my pattern play to take that into account. Sigel is the master of this aspect of position play, which usually makes his patterns easy to call and follow. Grady's nearly batting a 1000 in the booth when Sigel plays.
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