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Hello, all. I'm new to the neighborhood, having cruised around here for a few days getting to know the place. This site quite informative and it appears to be a tight knit and impassioned community. Nice place you have here, indeed.

I grew up in the Chicago area and currently reside in Southern California with my wife and teenage son. For them I am very blessed. I first took up pool in grade school when my dad would take me to the YMCA once a week where he played volleyball. Afterward, we would hit the swimming pool for a while then go to the billiard room. I took to the game immediately, and gave up slot cars for good when a hall opened up in my neighborhood. Though I did get a table for the house, it was used mainly for practice as I continued through high school and then college frequenting the local halls, usually playing for enough money for a young man like I was to require backing. I'm now a re-entry player, having returned to playing pool after some years away from the game.

I'm fast approaching the tail end of middle age and still use the same arrow that was made for me the summer prior to entering high school many years ago by a fine young man named Ernie who was making cues in his garage. While he is still thin and has all his hair, I unfortunately am showing the signs of age. In all this time I've yet to find any other wood equal in terms of craftsmanship, balance, pureness of hit or feel, for my own stroke anyway. I do have some interest in perhaps collecting, but while I may add other sticks to my rack from time to time it has always been this one in my hand when it matters. We've been through a lot together, my Gina and I, and she has been faithful to me all through the years. It is only me that has occasionally let her down. Though I miss more shots than I would like, in my circumstance it is definitely not the arrow but rather the Indian that is to blame.

I believe pool to be a game which is well played for money. Yet, I no longer consider this at all mandatory to its enjoyment for as in other pursuits I can now relish the spirit of pure competition for its own sake and consider a friendly match with a worthy opponent or a tournament at the local parlor also quite rewarding. Even further, I know well the esoteric qualities of the game and find the solace of private practice quite meditative as well.

All games played on a pool table are enjoyable to me. Three-cushion and snooker are nice diversions too. I probably play more 9-ball than anything else and have played this game since before the concept of racing was invented and it became a tournament game. I understand the reasons it has become the most widely played game and find it both enjoyable and challenging.

But it is straight pool which I hold in the highest regard. From the opening break, gingerly potting the first few balls, the delicate cut shots played in order to gently part the cluster, reading the rack for those magical caroms and combos, and engaging the imagination - not always taking the easiest or most obvious shot - to strategically weave your way through, run the table and continue on, is what makes this game such high art. A game of infinite intricacies & choices is 14.1. While all pool games require skill in shot-making and cue ball control, it is the creativity intrinsic to straight pool for which it stands above the others as a billiard art form. Straight pool expertly played is to me the pinnacle of the cueing arts. Call me old school, but it was the champions game back in the day when it was the players and not television executives or promoters that decided which game should determine who was the best.

I want to thank-you all for allowing me to participate here. I'm certain to have many more questions than answers and will likely receive much more than I can give, but I do freely offer what knowledge or experience I may have when it might help. I hope this didn't come off as long-winded or egocentric; it's just that on other forums I belong to it is considered good manners to introduce your self when coming aboard so folks can know where you're coming from.

Thanks, gang!

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Good Day and welcome.

There is a separate forum for members that enjoy 14.1. I would assume you would find yourself there soon.

You've painted a pretty picture of your pool playing experience and especially your partner Ms Gina.

Please share some of your stories or comment on some of the plentiful ones here in these forums.



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Welcome to AZbilliards! Ever since actively participating in this forum, my productivity at work has gone down by at least 50% :D


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Yo, Dogs...

Where in SoCal? If you get near Del Mar, let's shoot some STRAIGHT POOL at my place. (see avatar)

Welcome to this madness!


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Welcome to the Tribe!
Apparently the Tribe agrees, because I've never seen a first post throw so much reputation to someone before....
Great intro, great cue, great welcome- life is good!


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Thank-you so much for the warm welcome. I was a little surprised to see those cubes of chalk under my username this morning, that was very kind of you guys.

Tom, I'm sure I will have to share some stories about my experiences. Of course, you know how that goes. As time accumulates between the event and the telling, some details of the actual account go fuzzy and one's memory of convenience fills in the gaps. This usually results in a more romanticized version that is far kinder and more flattering to the story teller than actual history would bear witness to.

FastMikie, that's is quite the view you have there. Seriously, that is beautiful. I actually live in Orange County so hooking up and playing sometime wouldn't be out of the question. Perhaps after the holidays. I do need a little time to get rid of the ring rust. Oh, who am I kidding, my best days are long behind me never to be recaptured, but it is still fun! :smile:
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