Anniversary pool table light


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I just envisioned a scene....Fastrs having a coffee with a friend.....

"I got a light for my Anniversary."

"Well, that's a strange gift for that occasion, what did you get for your wife?"

"I got her on three fouls."

"Why do I even talk to you #%€£& pool players?". :angry:

But seriously, that is the nicest Anniversary setup I've ever seen


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I went over to check out the table and light that Fastrs put together. Gorgeous is what best comes to mind. The table is beautiful but the light being so unique, so well thought out, and so well constructed just blew me away. Fastrs, thanks for having me over, it was a joy. And yes, there was a lot of shine going on.


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Bad ass light. How much did it cost to make?

At first I did not want to know how much I spent of this little project of mine but I have received so many inquiries that I went back and added up all my receipts.

The amount I spent was $784.56 plus my time but I had a lot of the items needed. I had extra corners and I had the lights.

So, I priced everything as if I actually had to purchase all of these pieces to build this and I came up with a total of $1303.50


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Tried rotating your avatar. Maybe it'll show correctly if you reload it...:shrug:

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Somehow the sideways works. That kid looks like all boy. Bet Jesse has been driven up the wall a few times to keep up with him.;)

..original poster, better compliment can be given than Dabarbr's appreciation of your efforts.

Very nice job, sir.