Anyone using chalk off?


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I use a aramith microfiber pad that you use to clean balls with. Its thick and heavy enough to wipe easily. Picks up dust, chalk and lint. I take it outside and beat it against my grill to knock the dust and chalk out. Works very well.
Hope this helps

I got that Aramith pad...I only use it as a 'quick fix'.
It's a great tool to have in a pool hall.
But you can't beat a vacuum.

And I don't recommend WATER....IT MAKES THE CLOTH DRY HARD.
..and you end up with 'mud' under the cloth and the table playing dead.


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You're much better off using the Simonis X-1.

The X 1 or just a plain micro fiber cloth will also work. I bought the Chalk Off package a few years ago at the Derby. Like someone else posted I also used it a few times and seen that is was staining the cloth. Haven't use it since I got my table recovered with Simonis. Tried it on a scrap piece of Simonis and seen that it also stained it so it wasn't because I was using it on a old dirty cloth.



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Seams like anything you spray on,other then water might leave a residue.

I took a small lightweight shop vac,using the small round attachment I cut out 2 bunches of the bristles so that the vacuum would not lift the cloth on the table.The brush loosens up the chalk and the and its sucked into the canister.Have to empty the can often and clean the filter as the chalk dust will clog it up.With the tiny vacuum I can Cary it in one hand and brush with the other.


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I used a vacuum on an old primo craft table I had, and I had to take the cloth up as a result...the broken tiny pieces of filler from seems and screw holes was vacuumed out of their crevices and left under the cloth in the middle of the playing surface. Bumps everywhere under cloth.

If I had the table put together using wax instead of filler, then I wouldn't have had that problem, but that wasnt possible due to a large chip in the slate, and all the screw holes were in the playing surface (bad design) so it needed to be filled.

My advice, if you know your table is put together with wax in the seems, go ahead and vacuum it,...but if not sure or if you know it's filled...DON'T TOUCH WITH A VACUUM as you'll potentially be causing a required disassembly.

Brush it to be safe.


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I used a dirt devil standard vac on my old table. Worked great and the tabls played good speed ( 860 ). I'm using quick-clean and chalk-off on my new gold crown ( 860 ) and its slowing down and gets dirty very quickly. Went back to the dirt devil and table is much cleaner and stays cleaner longer. I hope it speeds up. My tbl mech said no cleaners and no water...brush and vac only...hes the man!
Good luck all


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I've always used a horsehair brush and the follow up the job with a damp rag and go back and forth the length of the table then move into the rios and I'm done. I learned that technique from an old timer and it works wonders. Felt is designed to last a LONG time in the home compared to pool halls which get ALOT of use and abuse for that matter. Just take care of it and use it, it will last awhile and when it's time to change it, the cost will be a drop in the bucket when you factor in the amount of use you got out of it.


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I use a vacuum that'll suck everything there is out of, and off the cloth...except the color, and have never damaged the cloth. BUT...that being said, if you have plaster in the WILL get picked up and dropped off everywhere under the cloth, so my advice would be...don't let anyone recover your table and use plaster to seam the slates! Sears makes the best 1 1/4"...7" wide brush head there is for cleaning the cloth on a pool table;)


I am very glad to see that you posted this answer. The vacuum is also my preferred method. I was a little worried because seen on here that several people said that you should not use a vacuum. I consider your word on table maintenance to carry allot of weight.

As far as the chalk off goes, I tried it once. It did get the surface chalk off the table. In that respect I felt it was no better or no worse than using a vacuum except that the vacuum has the added benefit of getting the chalk and dust that is under the cloth.
I don't know if the chalk off leaves a residue or not, but since it doesn't beat my vacuum results I can't see spending the extra money for it.

The only benefit I see with the chalk off is that it is faster. (although not as thorough)