"As the World Turns"..."Guiding Light" or is it "The Young and The Restless?"


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"As the World Turns"..."Guiding Light" or is it "The Young and The Restless?"

What soap opera best describes the current situation going on in the pool industry?

To me, it has gotten quite comical on here lately. We have all these cliques, leagues, organizations, promoters, players, and fans constantly conflicting via the "Main Forum" of AZ.

I just think it is kind of starting to resemble a soap opera. I have friends and associates involved in various organizations and parties whom I know are all good people. But damn some of the things I've been reading are quite comical. Sort of like if you could videotape yourself on a drunken binge and days later watch the footage. Your face would become red with embarrassment and you might be thinking..."oh Lord I've made a fool of myself." At least I know I've been guilty of that.

Does anybody else think this or just me? It's kind of like the little spoiled 5 year old constantly screaming, "mine" or "i had it first."

So what would the name of this soap opera be?
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The New and the PR-Less

But now I can yell, "You damned kids and your Bonus Ball, get the hell off my sport!"
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The Housewives of AZ Billiards

hurt old wounds
grudge holding
blame placing
responsibility avoiding
clique forming


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I don't know about a good soap opera title, but I get exactly what you mean about all this melodrama.
I think in years to come, we will call all this outrage:

The Bonus Ballocaust


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Free Bonus Ball Hugs, or Deluxe Bonus Ball Hugs for $2.00 ??


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Inglourius Basterds: The Rise and Fall of Pocket Billiards in the 21st Century


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Here ya go...

How about;...............Bonus Ball Presents..."RAGE in the CAGE"...........................

>>> EARL 'The Squirrel' STRICKLAND vs. JEREMY 'Junkyard Dog' JONES <<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Main Event......PPV $49.95 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

PS..Guaranteed to outsell Bonus Ball, 5000 to 1..;)
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