Ash wood vs Maple wood shaft


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Has anybody had experience playing with Ash wood shaft on a billiard cue ?

What's the difference between the Ash and Maple shaft ?



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I'd really like to know how the ash shafts play too. The wood must have some valuable traits since snooker players have traditionally used it...however I'm seeing more maple every time I look at snooker cues.


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ash goes dead in a baseball bat

Even if you don't break an ash baseball bat the cell walls break down and the bat goes dead after it has been used awhile. I've wondered if the ash shafted snooker and pool cues have a similar cell wall breakdown and if it would be a good thing or bad?



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I don't think the ash hit is as crisp as the maple, but then again I was playing with a snooker cue, so everything about it was different,,,taper, dimensions, tip, ferrule. You need a cuemaker to answer your question about woods.


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buy Europe's ash-

There is North American Ash and European Ash. I suggest European-stiffer. Even in London I didn't see any maple snooker shafts. Just what they are calling ebonized American Ash- A medium weight. Mine is soft already,too whippy at the tip,and the tip wants to lift when rolling. Same as a Paris- buy 1 piece snooker cues from English company's. I think Maple will be too soft in a 9.5 mm If the cues don't stay straight you can make a ball straight in. mark