Bad news

Michael Andros

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Pet scan shows bad news, still large hot mass, terminal, 4 - 6 weeks.

More as energy allows.


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Best wishes Sir, and keep fighting !! Just terrible news, I hope there is a miracle awaiting you soon !!
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I'm so sorry! Sending you and your family positive thoughts. Keep your head up, love those around you deeply, and stick with the fight!

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Very sorry to hear this. Many times those estimates are way off and I hope that's the case with you. You and your family will be in my prayers. Keep fighting.


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I'm so sorry for the struggle you face and I wish every good thing for you and your family.
Let your strength be an inspiration


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Michael, keep fighting brother, nothing
but good vibes going your way!


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I’m hoping and praying for can happen.

Michael, you’re like a brother I’ve never met.


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I’m heartbroken, Michael, but will hope for an unexpected recovery. Peace to you, your family and your friends as you proceed through this unhappy ordeal.


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Tried looking for old posts.

If you would share here or by PM.

What was you cancer and stage at diagnosis?

What treatments have you had?

What did the PET show?

If you are well enough to receive therapy, there's nearly always another option if you want to try it. Have you had immunotherapy (Opdivo or Keytruda)? Seen these work true miracles in cancers both used for FDA labeled diseases as well as off label uses.

Where do you go for Oncology care?


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I'm so sorry for the news Michael.

At the risk of being that preachy guy and because no one else has mentioned this I feel compelled. Make sure you're right with the lord Jesus Christ if you're not already.

Some think there's always time to do that later and time runs out on their eternal souls like a candle blowing out suddenly. Others are given a little time at a point when they know it's very urgent. You're one of those lucky ones. Try to find some joy in your remaining days on this earth. Many never do even in the best of health.


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Thank you for sharing this with us........ for all of us here, who we’ve met but never had the pleasure of seeing each other in person YOUR heart shines through with the best of us! I hope you feel the care and friendship here that helps to sustain you, lean in on it.
You are valued, and the world is always better with hearts like yours in it. For each of us our time will come, and wether sooner or later hopefully we have left a good mark. You have!

Our hearts are with you. My prayers are with you...peace and love.