Bashing other aiming systems


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Open MINDS think about new ideas.

CLOSED mind are not open to new idea.

Some new ideas, work, but you will never know if you do not try new things.

If you try you might find out they work,

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For me, open-minded = trying that new aim system for a few minutes or longer. What's the issue? You can always go back.

Although I enjoy teaching aim systems, I've had players strongly react when I do--"Matt, that WON'T work," and refuse to even take one shot with a new system.

Our minds abhor a vacuum and people tend to hold their systems tightly for they fear swimming without the raft.
I have a favorite aiming system that works exceptionally well for me. If I wasn't a "geezer" with a "somewhat" nervous stroke and inconsistent alignment I would be 200 Fargo points higher.

I have beaten several pros over the years with it.

I'm a former Physics & Mathematics scholar in the Honors College of a large well respected university. I love that system because I know WHY it works not simply HOW it works.

It also has the added benefit of being pretty easy to explain to someone who listens rather than argues just to argue and/or defend what they've been intellectually invested in for years [whether that has been 2 years or 62 years]

I didn't invent it and I don't sell it ... I simply use it.

I came to this forum to see what others think of other systems. All I've learned here is that is that "if you 20 pool players a question, you'll get 25 answers and most of them aren't worth much" ...

Btw, I had already learned that over 50 years of playing pool and this experience suggests not much has changed over that 50 years.

Discussions have value, whereas Arguments have lots of energy and little else to offer.

It's been interesting, but fortunately I love the aiming I already use ...

I'll just work on my execution ... how & where one aims doesn't mean much if you can't hit your damn target.



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I’ve said this many many times.

Everyone’s Brain processes information differently. So what aiming system works for you does not work for someone else.

I understand the ghostball system but I can’t use it for shit. I’m not aiming precise enough with it. I’m not knocking it, personally I can’t use it very well.

The one dumb dumb around here. That proclaims CTE is the best. Is incredibly wrong. Everyone processes information differently. Great, You beat a player 200 points above you using CTE. Doesn’t mean some APA 4 is going to excel with it.

You need to learn a few aiming systems. And weed out the information that does not work for you. Through repetition or HAMB your mind will figure it.

I’ve said I can’t ghost ball for shit. Things have changed for me. And I’ve adopted using the GB on very thin shots. I mean they are probably 1/16 ball hits.

But all aiming systems are is a way for our brains to process the physical information to process a ball.

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Some choose to treat their aiming in this manner.

''More inane, sophomoric, millineal whining about nothing.''
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