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Banking with Beard DVD was pretty good.

Banking is a skill acquired with practice. Then you have a foundation to build upon.

When you move to new environment, that experience come to play.

As you can adjust to new conditions.


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The website link in post #2 is an unbelievable free resource that you should find valuable.

If you find yourself wanting any additional resources for the somewhat related field of kicking, you may find the following threads of compiled material, posted by forum member DeadAim a long time ago, useful.

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What is the best banking info book or dvds ?

Watch a lot of Banks matches on YT, combine that with some videos John Brumback and Freddy the Beard's 2
and both his books as well. The diagrams are worth the investment just by themselves. Also, you really don't
want to leave Robert Byrnes' books out of the mix by any means. His sections on NO pocket Billiards has some
truly outstanding information that you can mine. All the while you want to be taking this information in bite
sized chunks to the table and start putting what you've read and seen into practice as you accumulate it. The
MOST important bit is the table time.

...and that's all I got's ta say about dat.



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Both of these Frank Beard books are an excellent.


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Thanks…..the name is on both of the books I have of his…….I did the same thing not that long ago.
I posted about how great of a player Walt Mosconi was back in his heyday. Don’t you remember him?