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Check out this thread in the main forum.

It contains a link to an article that includes this paragraph:

Blankenship also was the first person to run over a hundred balls at Straight Pool and had a personal best high run of 287 balls during an exhibition in Jackson, Michigan, in 1915. In fact, Blankenship’s high run exceeded Greenleaf’s 271 and Erwin Rudolph’s 277 and stood as the high-water mark until Irving Crane surpassed it with a run of 309 balls on a 5′ x 10′ table in 1939, a feat later duplicated by Willie Mosconi in 1946. Little attention has been given to the fact that it took twenty-five years for the rest of pooldom to catch-up with Blankenship.


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Blankenship was obviously a potential superstar, and his is an interesting story.