Bob Manzino "Shinju"


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Just cant get enough of this cue... Everything about it just "fits".

My favorite thing about Bob's work is his inate ability to "see" a design and know how to dimension it so the look is so pleasing it's natural and seems familiar. Joe Gold is another one of a very few I've seen who has this talent. No wonder they "fancy" each other..(Bob, just had :wink:)

That said I pretty much could have chosen just about any aspect of Bob's work because it's all so freakishly good.


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Everybody has their favorites and there are lots of really, really good cuemakers out there.I simply believe bob manzino makes the prettiest,ornate cues in the world. Tony(black boar) certainly does too,but for my money manzinos are the best. Most people(myself included) will never be able to afford a cue in this price range(i am guessing this cue is 30k plus) and even if we could,most would never actually play with it.the fact that you do play with it makes me envy you even more. Incredible cue.keep enjoying it.