Bob Manzino "Shinju"


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Here’s a cue I thought some of you Manzino enthusiasts might enjoy. It was done for me some years back and was the first of several cues Bob has built for me since. Already familiar with the hit and feel of his cues since coming by one via the secondary market, I decided to have him custom build one that would become my everyday player. Equally, I wanted something that would showcase his artistry and design execution. The resulting project was a unique experience in that it allowed me to work directly with him during the design phase.

This cue actually incorporates certain floral design elements and engraving techniques which Bob had used on an earlier commissioned cue dubbed “Silver Rhapsody”.

A design element in that cue, the mop engraved ovals, while subtle, seemed to draw your eye to them when looking at the cue. I asked Bob to include this elegant piece in our design and to expand on that by designing a stylized oyster shell in which the mop ovals would be inlayed to appear as pearls. We then added the ivory and silver detailing which highlighted and framed the shell as well as to help marry it up with the other major design piece appearing in the sleeve. In the end, we dubbed this cue “Shinju”, which is a Japanese feminine gender name meaning “pearl”.


That is top notch in every way. Pure poetry, simply stunning. CONGRATS.


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What an exquisite cue! Thank you so much for sharing the pics and the build story of the cue. I am working on a project with Bob now and he is fantastic to work with.

Congrats on great cue!


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Just exquisite... Detailed, precise, alluring, engaging,..There are many more to descible this cue and the scope of his work and talent. Bob's in a league all his own.


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Wow! Ths cue is unreal. Great design and I know how well Bob's cues play. Congratulations on owning another masterpiece.
All the best, Phil

Funny, Black Boars long ago, where known as incredible players, but they have changed into great looking cues. It has been years since I have seen someone actually playing with one.

Manzino was the same thing, I have had a few and while they were fairly plain they were awesome players. Now it seems they have gone the way of the Black Boars.

Kinda a shame, and they were both awesome players cues.



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That is a magnificent looking Bob Manzino cue. I love how the different material textures work together.


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I've got to get a better career so I can afford designs like this! Great design and story. I hope this gets played as much as possible!!


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Beautiful cue.

Bill S.

Bill, you were in a league all your own as well. You originally paved the road some makers are trying to resurface...Miss seeing "what was next" out of your shop.