***Brand New Tascarella 4pt Ebony Hoppe***


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Sorry folks, but the pictures will have to
come a little later. I don't want to be guilty of
taking some less than stellar photos of this beauty.
I had a chance to get out and play some with the
cue, and it did not disappoint. The cue has an ivory
joint with stitch trim rings. BEM forearm with 4 veneers
(out to in) black, royal blue, light blue, white with 4
ebony points. The cue has a black elephant wrap and
an ebony backend with an ivory Hoppe ring. 2 shafts
with ivory ferrules. I'll try and get some good photos of
the cue by tomorrow, but I couldn't wait to share the
information with the AZ Brotherhood...

To be continued...

Here we go...






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Duane Remick

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Congrats on the new Tascarella Cue.
Defintely want to see the pics
Petes cue are Excellent players
and workmanship is also some of the very best!
ENJOY :smile:


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Tascarella Cue

Beautiful cue, enjoy. How does that style of joint play?
Happy New Year


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Terry, great pic up! Love blue, my favorite, and Pete's Hoppe style cues are real beauties.
Enjoy, and thanks for sharing!


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Triple thumbs up for this great cue!!




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I love this veneer combo. I am going to try find one close to this at the DCC this year. Everything about this cue rocks.

Here are a few pictures of my Jensen with about the same combo of veneers.....


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That is a beautiful ball making machine.

I'm starting to think we have similar tastes in cues...:rolleyes:


phil dade

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Terry, A really nice Tascarella. You will love the way it plays. I have an 18.8 Hoppe Tascarella that moves balls nicely. I love them.
All the best,


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Gentlemen, thank you all for the kind words.
This cue plays great, and to answer your question Charles,
I've heard the ivory jointed Tascarella's play a little softer
than their stainless steel counterparts, but to me, this is
what a cue is supposed to feel like. It's a little lighter than
what I've been playing with which will take a little getting
used to, but I ordered this cue to my specifications. So
now the cat is out of the bag, as everyone now knows my
vision of what the perfect playing cue should look like. I'm
really happy that my version of what a cue should look like
also translated into what I think a player's cue should play
like as well. I consider myself very fortunate to have this
cue, and I would like to publicly thank Pete Sr. and Pete Jr.
for working with me to create my dream playing cue...


My Pride and Joy
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Beautiful cue you have there Terry. Congrats to ya buddy
Thanks for sharing


Gina collector
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Congrats Terry, beautiful veneer combo.

I wasn't playing with a Gina, I would probably be playing with a Tasc.

Enjoy your new simple, but gorgeous Tasc player.


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Jeff, Joe, Sean and Jimmy...
Thank you gentlemen for your compliments.
This truly is what I envisioned a playing cue
should be...


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Thank you gentlemen. It's taken a few times around
the block to get used to it, but man does it play jam up. The
shafts have zero deflection in them and the ball goes where
you aim it, that's for sure. I'm finding more and more excuses
to get out of the house every night and hit the pool hall...:)