Budweiser Pool Cue Value


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I would try searchig EBAY for completed listings . That should give you a pretty fair idea . That would also probably be your best bet for a quick sale . People here are tend to be cue snobs ( myself included ) custom cues only. anyway hope this helps and welcome to AZ forums

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Don't let old Scott, kid you Budweisgl. Some of those late 80's Budweiser cues are worth a lot of money.
Early in 1986, I believe it was, a little known cuemaker by the name of Willie Drinkmore, was commissioned by a local Budweiser distributor in Brunswick, Georgia to make a cue for his son, an up-and-coming Ten-Ball player. The Budweiser distributor, whose name escapes me at the moment, wanted the cues theme to not only show the world how great the product was, but to introduce his son to all who saw the cue. His son's name was Bud, oddly enough.
So, Mr. Drinkmore set about designing and building the cue. As for colour, he chose red, of course. Fifteen layers of hand-rubbed lacquer. After that he CNC'd his young patrons name from just above the butt to just under the joint and used the whitest of pure elephant ivory to inlay the letters. When he had finished it was a thing of rare beauty. Simple, yet uncommonly elegant.
Little is known as to what became of this rare and unusual cue. Some say young Bud lost it gambling. Others claim his wife took it after a bitter divorce. Either way it has been unaccounted for, lo these many years.
Oh yes, I remember now. The beer distributor's last name was Wiser. Check yours and see. :)


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I have a 1988 Budweiser Pool Cue. Does anyone have an idea what I should ask for it?

The only collectible Budweiser Cues were made in 1971 through 1974, they had the rare Budwiesr Malt Liquor lable on the forearm. These were give away by the Brewery in St. Louis as advertising, many were recalled though due to the failure of the Bud malt Liquor brand.

If you find one keep it, they had a hollow forearm filled with the product advertised.!!:)

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Funny this is brought up today. Just bought one off of ebay and it should be here tomorrow. Still in the plastic!!! :D

I'm looking to hot rod it with a decent shaft and hit the pimped-out blue nylon wrap with as couple layers of satin polyurethane to preserve its good looks (like the cue version of a plastic floor runner); eventually using it as a bar beater. Who doesn't love the guy with the Budwieser cue?!?


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I put a black rubber tip on mine. :thumbup:
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I have a 1988 Budweiser Pool Cue. Does anyone have an idea what I should ask for it?

The best use for a cue like that, is for a cue maker to do a little work on it, with a new shaft and joint for someone to use as a hustler cue. It's not worth much as it is.

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T, you are onehunnert per cent correct. Where were our manners.
Welcome to the forum, Budweisergl. It's early in the morning, not much going on, so we thought we'd have a little fun.
There is a lot to learn here that will help your game so hang around. If you have other questions, feel free to ask, and don't be afraid to offer up your opinion on something when the mood strikes. Even the old Trampster has had his butt bar-b-qued on more than one occasion, I can tell you. :)