Buyer / Seller transaction report


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I bought a big shaver tip tool from Lizardking a few weeks back. Thank you Tony for a very pleasant worry free transaction!

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Vyc's one of the good guys!

Vyc noticed that I was looking for some cue building DVD's and book and I hadn't heard from the guy selling them so he offered the whole set I was looking for in a pm.

We made the deal and he had them to me across the country in three days!

Vyc is a stand up guy and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase and front the money to him any time. Very trustworthy and great communications.

Thanks again Vyc!


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Bought a cue from this douche Chris Zayes of Greer SC. Phone number 8644845677 cash tag $zayas83 he had me call him so he could convince me of his impeccable honesty and integrity so I would cash app the payment. He promised to get the cue out the very next morning which didn't happen... something with his son the first day, something with his wife the second day.... so 3 days later he finally makes a shipping label and messages me to nickel and dime me out of 7$ more because shipping was 25$ instead of the agreed 18$ I did receive the cue. However it has a 1-2mm lift at the joint when rolled and he told me it was straight. I did give him multiple avenues to make it right but he chose to respond by saying it was "fine when he shipped it out" and then blocked me. So here he is, give him a shout out for me

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Deal with Magix

Did a trade deal with this gentlemen and it was fantastic, He was very prompt in shipping his trade item and was a smooth transaction. Would Highly recommend this guy. I made another post about our deal but I think I used the wrong thread lol.



Has anyone dealt with Jmidas here? He had a Predator 314 on here for $100, I messaged him and he said it’s available. I tell him I’ll take it so I PP him the money. That was over 2 weeks ago and no shaft. No email, no reply to my PM here or the comment on his wall yet it shows he signs in daily. Someone want to tell him this isn’t a dating app where ghosting occurs?


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mezz ignite shaft

just had a great transaction with Tinh Ly, quick payment and good emails


Hi everyone! Tell me please, has someone met or held a similar cue in hands?
The seller says that this is the best cue that he had:confused::confused::confused:

What do you think?


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Picked up a cue off $TAKE HOR$E last week. Quick shipping (2 business days), good packaging, threw in some extras for me along with a great cue. Thanks again!


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Guys, please beware of user "Levarr" he just tried to scam me and a dispute is on-going with paypal. thank God i did not pay F&F. Admin please ban him.

Attached was the small box of random lifestyle product he sent me. plus our convo and thread for the barnhart i supposedly bought.
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barnhart ad.PNG

Sorry for the long post.


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I was just solicited via conversation by Icon939 stating they knew someone who had a cue I'm looking for. This member just joined a few day ago. They shared an an invalid member name and email address used to scam others on various forums. Tread lightly.