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Report for a lier Vass Vassi , known as greeneyes_ocean on AzBilliards forums

He sold me a SW cue claimed to be all original in mint I had him sent to Laurie for letter and had it back.

The cue was found to have some kind of scratches on the forearm with quick dry repair so as on the butt sleeve, definitely not as described.

I asked him for a $350 remedy so I can send back to SW shop for refinish and he declined with lies one after another.

First he lied he sold the cue to me too cheap at $7K and wanted me to check the record, thank god I kept everything the bank wire prove showed that I paid exactly $7,300 and boom big slam on his face, he got caught and couldn’t deny.

Then he cried he was broke behind the rent and tried to move his Rolex that doesn’t concern the deal either.

Lastly he cried for mama said his mom passed away two months ago he doesn’t care about any material things, well, I am sorry Mr. Vassi, but even your beloved one deceased doesn’t give you any excuse or right to fuck people up.

I feel sorry for his mom I really do, for carrying such a baby Vassi using her death to screw people with no shame.

And I feel sorry even more for this Vassi guy sold his mom out for only $350, so cheap.

For the record, I don't care about the money no more !!

I'll fill the IC3 and report the fraud to FBI, and will provide all the information needed including the Weichert properties he works for.
Many ppl know me and won't believe your statement.
You certainly did a lot of noise
Well done Tom
It's a karma

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Bought a set of Aramith tournament balls from Masster. He runs a small pool operation in a beautiful part of coastal Croatia, and periodically replaces the balls. Very personable, easy to deal with, balls were in excellent condition and very reasonably priced. Shipping took a couple weeks from Croatia to the US, but I kind of expected that and didn’t bother me a bit, and got to learn a few Croatian words checking on the Hrvatska Posta website.

I would deal with Dejan again with no hesitation and may ask him about his next ball upgrades to buy them for non profits I support in here.


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I recently sold a cue to Mr Bass Man and it went without issue. Thank you for your fast payment.


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I often say that, in my entire life I have found complete strangers to be the most trustworthy. I have only ever gotten screwed by my friends and relatives!;)

Friends, relatives and neighbors. There are a few members here I would definitely deal in good faith and not have any concerns.


Just wanted everyone to be careful with a scammer who goes by "Kelvin Gates". He's been contacting me whenever I posted in the Wanted section. Claims that he gets an error whne trying to message via Azb.

I took a chance and decided to trust a stranger. Scammed me of 150 already but I got it back thanks to PayPal.
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FYI, inquired about a local possible transaction for this listing:

As soon as I said I was local, seller said the cue was sold but the post is still up...