Can you change the pin on your cue?


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I have a beautiful pfd cue that i had built new from paul a few years ago and it has a MAXX Radial pin. The pin is fine but I find it hard to buy shafts for it and my other cues have normal Radial pins and it would be nice to have interchangeable shafts.

Is it possible to change the pin without affecting the cues playability? If so how much would it cost to do?


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well your in the right place....:thumbup:.. proper construction and installation of the new pin..i'm pretty sure the playability will not compromised...


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> To the best of my knowledge Paul is the only guy on the planet that even GETS the Maxx pin from Uni-Loc. I'm also guessing that other than Uni-Loc itself,he's also the only source for taps,inserts,and joint protectors too.

As usual,the guys above are right.

In fact,I'm certain that I've never even seen a hi-res pic of it.

Tommy D.
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