Can you change your user id?


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I would like to change my user id to my real name, can this be done without re-registering and starting over? I have done a search with no luck on this subject.


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I changed mine a couple of years back with the help of Mike H... No problems & I did not need a new email.. Mike took care of it.


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It is possible.

Mike is the guy to go to on that. :yeah:
He is a busy man so be patient.
If it is taking really long remind him gently.:grin:
Starting a new account would be against forum rules.:(

Mr Hoppe

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I believe that I heard he's out at the Turning Stone tournament right now, so he may be busy.


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Just register anew. All the members here at AZ?,,,it's all just one guy...Mike Howerton


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user name change

hope you have better luck than i did , mike helped me but it took us both
a few days to get me back on line. lost all my visits numbers to my page before change had about 200 , after change started over. mike could not reset number . trust me be sure to pick a name you want to stay with.
good luck for sure , let us know how it comes out for you.
take care, johnqbs anderson sc