Charlie Edwards 1x2 Case


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Just finished Charlie's 1x2 case. Made from 8 oz. shoulder hide in black with nickle hardware. Charlie wanted a sturdy, nothing fancy, leather case. So this is it.
Charlie hasn't seen the case yet and asked me to post pictures and he
will do the review at a later date. Sorry for the poor pics. Thanks so much for looking.






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''steve price case''.........!!

Another reason why casemakers such as Steve , should be recognized along with the legendary cuemakers ,,,both past & present,,,!!

Charlie's gonna be elated !!

Way to go Steve ,,


Charlie Edwards

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Just got my case. WOW, what a case! The pictures don't come close to showing off this case. The fit/finish is flawless. Steve's attention to detail is apparent at just a glance. The heavy leather has some range marks, giving it a real personality/attitude. Now I'm looking forward to getting my 2x2 in antique brown from him.

One another note, I'd like to say that Steve is one of the nicest and easy to work with people I've ever dealt with in the pool industry. He's an asset to the cue case building trade.