Chuck Fields 2x4


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I purchased this recently:

And I noticed there were no threads/reviews here so I figure I'd just post my opinion...

I have 2 other cases I think are great.... The rest of my cases are simply cue holders, nothing special, keeps other things in the closet from damaging cues... That's about it.

This case, as you can see from the pics is gorgeous, especially if you like classy, understated elegance.

Fit and finish are as good as the pics.

Butt, shafts all have room but fit snug, protected quite nicely.

I'm a happy customer and easily would recommend anyone interested to check out Chuck's cases.

I suspect I'll get another sometime in the future.


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Thank you for the kind words!
The body piece of leather is one of the cleanest pieces of veg tan that Ive ever seen. If I would have dyed it, it would have looked almost fake, like vinyl because the surface quality is pretty close to perfect.
Very glad you like the case!

Jim Baxter

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Pictures of case are Beautiful . That leather has Zero flaws , Style and leather tooling is just enough , not Gaudy like a lot I see . Congrates with you Purchase . Jim
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It grew on me when it was for sale.... and grew... And then I did a bad thing for my pocketbook.

Now it grows on me in my living room.



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I didn't see the sticky for the case review from JB... So here's that, just for completeness.

1. How well does it protect?

Butt's and shafts are held snugly, nothing in the way to scratch anything, and the case is sold. It's certainly going to take a beating (one that its never going to receive), and the precious cargo inside will not know.

2. How strong are the handles, straps and latches?

All the hardware is sturdy, both handles are solid and comfortable. The top has two buttons to secure it instead of one, so somewhat of an insurance policy if you're walking around using the top handle. I like the extra button (though I think its fairly standard now on cases like this.

3. How comfortable is the case to use?

Comfy comfy comfy. I doubt I'll use the top handle too much, but the side handle is great, and the case is well balanced. I like the routing of the shoulder strap through the handle as well, as I won't likely be using the shoulder strap.

4. How well done is the fit and finish?

Everything's tight, crisp, and clean.

5. How well done is the decoration?

Tooling is uniform, symmetry and patterns look right and make sense, and the design is classy and elegant.

bob b.

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Very nice. I love the interior...:). The quality of Chuck's work is just awesome!


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I hope he is working on a1x2 for me
I have wanted one for some time ,but
I have too many cases I finally saw one on here that was saddle and tooled

yours is very nice as well

I bet it last a long time and only get better

Another thing.everyone of these case makers seems to be a great guy