Common mistakes a lot of average players make.

Rusty in Montana

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Lifting their head up before the cue ball and object ball stop moving or the object ball is pocketed.

Trying to increase the English transmitted by throwing the butt end of the cue outward as they hit the cue ball .

Not following through when they shot a shot .


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Just bars out here and mostly beginners. Handful of guys did pool hall time but they don't count. The rest play pool for amusement but worse, party enhancement. Some are actually "into pool" but won't work at it. They become veteran beginners and eventually just lose interest. #1 problem is ignorance. Pool is some figment in the back of their mind. Maybe they saw M.Fats on TV or some ESPN from who knows when. They can't rack properly nevermind do any pool skill competently. It can be a barrel of laughs until they decide they win on some biker technicality. C'est la vie...


Letting the fear of missing creep into their mechanics. Everyone does this to some degree, especially on pressure-filled, difficult shots. But for many players, it affects almost every shot. And it causes an entire cascade of bad results--grip tightens, tip goes askew just before contact, head lifts up, elbow drops, body english, etc. I think it's most prevalent among lower-intermediate players who are trying to improve and are aware of their weaknesses but haven't quite developed the confidence/mechanics to start pocketing balls consistently.


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Thinking that gathering knowledge here and there, is a good way to improve. Learning bits and pieces can lead to an over estimated self opinion. All the knowledge in bits and pieces can be a hit and miss. With no plan for regrouping. Following a structured program will lead to more sustainable improvement. Barry Stark has made incredible coaching available on YouTube.