Corteza vs Alcano - shot selection


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i think in that situation that kicking at the ball was probably a better idea. who knows though he might be really good at jumping and liked his chances of making it


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always an empty discussion

Ok so in this one Corteza is choosing the jump shot over the kick. DiLiberto disagrees.

what do you think?
imo, Corteza took the right shot.

Can a kick safety accomplish more than the 2way jump shot he took?
Also, he can scratch in the side if he kicks...

We can discuss which was the better shot for ourselves or even most shooters but we can never really argue which was the better shot for that player at that moment. I see top pro's miss shots when there are other options that are not only easier but will give easy shape. I'm sitting here wondering what in the world were they seeing or thinking but then I remember my own shot selections.

Sometimes I visualize how I need to kick or bank to make a shot the instant I look at a table. Regardless of the general rules of thumb, the kick or bank is right for me at the moment, forget the cut that is possible. Sometimes the angles are funny and I can't decide just how a ball is going to come off of a rail. No matter how easy the shot may look to some it is time for me to take to the air if I can't see a ball because I have no confidence in the other shot.

I watched the whole match last night and it did seem that Corteza was overly fond of the jump cue. However that is from the perception of someone that doesn't like jumping so I am unquestionably biased in that regard.



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I don't like my odds kicking here if my opponent is Ronnie Alcano. From the looks of it, if he hits the 4 on the far side the 4 is most likely to just hit the 5 and leave a long shot for Alcano. The hit to avoid the 5 ball looks as though it is too thick to provide significant separation between the cue ball and the 4 unless you hit it perfect. There is very little chance for a decent hook and I assume Alcano will make anything I leave him so I am going to try to run out with the jump. Its pretty much the same situation Alcano faces later in the match when he has to go for a long bank rather than trying for a difficult safe.
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