Craig "Pineapple" Morris passing


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I just heard that Craig Morris has passed. I wanted to share the news with everyone here as many of you may have known him. He was a fixture as the doorman at many US Open 9 Ball Championships handing out roses to all the ladies in attendance. He was a certified instructor and very knowledgeable in all things pool. He was a class act and a very dear friend.

From what I've heard so far, he passed away sitting in his recliner watching a pool video on tv. If you have any stories to share, please do so. RIP Pineapple!

jay helfert

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This is very sad news. He was one of the main attractions at the Open and a big help to me many times. He seemed in good health when I saw him last. :(


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Pineapple was a great friend and loved by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. He was a pillar of Q-Masters and The U.S. Open and a true ambassador of the game. Whenever I had a question about an aiming or diamond system he was always more than happy to teach me any of the knowledge he had to offer. Craig was one of the nicest guys I've ever known.

RIP brother.


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Jeez he was too young and strong to go. Good guy, Never heard him say anything negative. RIP Pineapple.


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It was a very sad day at Q-Masters today as I'm sure it will be for quite some time. Pineapple's presence will be greatly missed by many, he was a dear friend for almost 20 years. May he rest in peace. :(


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Wow, what a shock...he never seemed like he had any health issues. One of the nicest, laid back guys you can talk to. Gonna miss seeing him Working the door, handing out roses to the girls.



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We will miss you, Pineapple. :(

His smile and kind demeanor were always a memorable part of the open. Here is my photo of him from 2008. RIP.


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good guy

Craig was an licensed electrician by trade and ran his own company for many years. He was known for handing out roses..But at Q-Masters he was known for helping all who asked. One of his biggest joys was taking a beginning lady player aside and teaching her fundamentals and improving their game. I have watched him help many a lady player from beginner to seasoned veteran player. I never knew him to have a cross word with anyone. He was definately laid back. He will definately be missed by all of us that got to know him.R.I.P our friend