CTE Stepping Cue Ball.

JB Cases

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... except nobody has shown that CTE is better than ghost ball which has about one step. Maybe it is for "Pete Lowenstein" but that is hardly statistically significant. In fact, there isn't any proof that "Pete" even plays pool. He lies about his name so why should we believe anything else?
What would you suggest might be a way to show that? I have shown that CTE is better than ghost ball but my results are anecdotal.

You even did a video where you yourself figured out that an objective aiming reference worked for a shot that you were trying. Once you found the objective aiming line you made the shot. You didn't indicate that you were using Ghost Ball.


Dan White

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What purpose did you have to inject ANYTHING about Chinese or Japanese "policy" in a thread about Aiming in pool? Don't attack people with the stated intention of causing them physical harm and it is a near certainty that those people will not stab you anywhere.
I don't know the answer to your question and don't even have enough interest to scroll up and find out. The only thing I am going to attack is a bowl of popcorn later.