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Just curious if anyone has done something like this? And i know the drawings are horrible suck with computers. And i know the colors are not the same shades lol not very good with paint. If it would look horrible let me know also. Im not having a stick done like this just want to see if anyone has done one similar.




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Interesting Design

Looks almost like butterfly points with veneering but with the top offset into points I second going to Dieckman's site. He does some wild stuff with butterfly points. This could also be done with inlayed CNC points but you won't find that at Dieckmans. Looks to me in the first picture almost like you were going for Rhino's horns.. Nice thinking outside the box..:thumbup: Could be cool on a cue with the right wood combination.

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Very difficult to wrap a continuous one piece inlay AROUND a cylinder. You need a 4 axis CNC and some flexible inlay materail. Otherwise, you need to do it in several different pieces. This is why cue inlays are usually no more than 3/4" wide or so. Going long-ways down the cue is not a problem, and you can curve from one side of that 3/4" window to the other.

On a related note, has anyone tried that thermo-formable Juma that Atlas is carying? I wonder if it's available in sheets.
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