Cues with a 3x8/10


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Schmelke cues offers a joint option. 3/8X10 among the options.



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I have 3 McDermotts with 3x10 pin.
They aren't anything special, but they would be fine as starter cues....maybe for your GF.

PM me, if interested.
Normally, a cue trade for a GF is good but you really should see and smell her first.

Even though they are just McDermotts, hate to see a good cue wasted.


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Ned Morris always uses 3/8-10 with a pin that is made for him. Of course he can manufacture other if demanded.

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I have a Bob Frey and a Paul Allers cue, both are 3/8 10.

3/8 10 is almost as common as 5/16 14.

There's a few cues on eBay with that pin. You just have to look.


I got so many customs of which are 3/8x10 --- Two brand new cues from Steve lomax & the other which is what I play with is a Mike Gullyassy cues I got like 3 or 4 cues from him.


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