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He and Landon would have probably been the Skylar's of the past 10 years if they kept playing. I guess pro level players have to make that difficult decision (to play or get a dayjob), whereas us amateurs never do.
He took the path of running a business, and not playing pool full time. Don’t think anyone can blame him. He did get a 9 foot Diamond at home, so that’s a start. (I better ask if he wants to let people know he has a table 😄😬)


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Anybody find the prize money payouts yet. That seems to be either the best kept secret or an elephant in the room, depending on your point of view.
Been available for a while, Jay. Go to the AZB money list and click on Fedor Gorst. Then click on each Derby event and you'll see the payouts for all players.


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Mr. Sullivan, the DCC has been an outstanding event from its inception to the present success. Congratulations. I think everyone wants this success to continue, however, it has some growing pains which are easily recognized by the comments and suggestions.

I found that often times managers fail in their response to these problems due to using this three step approach...READY, FIRE, AIM. Make sure the problems are clearly identified before solutions are implemented. This is usually the most difficult part and the major problem causing managers to fail.

By thinking outside of the box, you have started an innovative plan to invigorate pool for the players, spectators, and viewing audience. Keep it going.....
Love this post, said so much and nothing at all. lol


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Thanks Bob! I found all the payouts. Nice to see old timers like David Matlock, Ike Runnels, Dan Louie and others cashing. I was glad to see Jesse Engel going deep too. I always liked his game. He could possibly help our MC team if he played more. Billy Thorpe actually had a decent tourney. He looked worn out at the WPC.
It was good to see Mike Dechaine playing again, too. Didn't finish really high, but at least he was out there mixing it up