Diamond Chairs and Polisher Complete my Home Room


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Just got my chairs and polisher from Diamond to complete my room. As expected they are top quality. I had a home made polisher prior to this, and the diamond one completely blows my home made one out of the water both in terms of build quality and of course performance. The chairs are top notch as well. They were delivered on a flat as they are not put together with screws. Only thing I had to do was attach the table between the chairs. They are super solid and seem as though they will last the rest of my lifetime. Feels like a real pool hall now at home. Love it!


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That is a beautiful room. Smart move on the ball polisher I have tried all the homemade stuff etc. but the one from Diamond works great I wish I had one.
The chairs will last you a lifetime, I got mine in 01 and there as solid as the day they were delivered.
Good luck with everything and enjoy your new toys !