Eagle Eye Takes Aim at 14.1 High Runs


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so just for the record
Jayson just broke the lifetime highrun of following players:
Klaus Zobrekis
Danny Harriman
Grady Mathews
Oliver Ortmann
Steve Mizerak
Mike Sigel
Danny Di Liberto
Alex Lely
Niels Feijen

... 4 times in two consecutive days 😅
Great performance for sure, but to be fair to the others, they probably weren't playing on equipment that was set up to be conducive to high runs.


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I will try to provide updates but Bobby is racking and, to rephrase what he just texted me, he's, ah, sweating bullets right about now.

Lou Figueroa
not how he put it, lol


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Let's put this all in perspective- how great this performance really has been the past several days- in order to run a lot of balls in 14.1, and we can take ball pocketing itself out of the equation for table set- up argument's sake: You STILL have to:

1. have great overall CB control
2. avoid any type of scratch or foul
3. get 14 balls open to shoot and clear that rack off the table
4. leave the balls for an end pattern and actually get onto a decent break ball
5. clear your CB after each break shot
6. keep the CB from getting stuck on a ball somewhere during each rack - rack after rack
7. know the correct ball to shoot and correct your CB position if wrong choices are made
8. shoot every ball at very close to optimum speed in order to gain the right position

Even on a table that some are saying is "wired" for higher runs- how many of us here will run into a problem somewhere between #1 and #9 even trying to run 50 balls! The performance we witnessed is a true testament to a truly great player.