Edwin Reyes


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I liked Edwin Reyes, although we only communicated by Private Message and never met. I could tell he was a good guy who wanted to help the pro players and build good cues.



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Very proud to own some of his creations!


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this is the real pool world... you fight for equality, righteousness, fairness to others and now what? rip :smile:


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Looks like another anniversary has passed.

Like others commented here prior, I too am sorry to have missed this thread.

Some real feelings in these pages.

RIP, bandito.


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gone but never forgotten!

Almost ten years, no justice in this world for Edwin. I am sure he has gone to a better place. I can't help hoping that his killers, both those that did the deed and those that had it done, are facing justice in the next world. If not now, soon. I don't have the kind heart of Edwin.

Edwin touched many lives around the world and will be missed as long as the rest of us live. Rest in peace my friend.