Everybody Cores SHAFTS , Yes? 👽


Kim Walker
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I think a .45 degree tapered straight grain fluted purpleheart core glued in horse glue with 3/16 capped asbestos micarta ferrule and the original Championship tip or 1995 Moori M tip would make you shoot better .
you stole my idea.....................


AzB Silver Member
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There have been two places where you would think the shaft is cored.
1st..... A small rod under the ferrule inside the wood.
2nd... An insert of whatever you want inside the joint end. Some Cue makers use to use different woods here when a shaft stripped out before they realised how much stronger phenolic was.
I have a cue from a custom maker with the entire butt and shaft cored with phenolic rods.

L I F D 1

L S S T 10
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I have a cue from a custom maker with the entire butt and shaft cored with phenolic rods.
WOW , Seriously, thread coming full circle.
I didn't think about the top end of shaft, although I have read about repair behind ferrule.

Thanks for the feedback, getting response I really hoped for (this is great) :alien:
I just had a look at McDermotts website in case they have launced something new. I can't really see a cored shaft. I see the i series with a carbon fibre core just like Mezz Hybrid Pro II or EX Pro. Is that what your looking at?
Watch the new McDermott video.they put carbon fiber rod in front of shaft.


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I forgot I had texted him way back when and I just found them in my phone. In the text, he said "rod". I just sent him a new text to confirm. I will post his response when I get one.
Is he in South Korea now ? That maker claimed he used phenolic tubes .


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That maker claimed he used phenolic tubes .

That strikes me as ironic, & funny.
(Not that it is necessarily a bad idea)

"Real" wood is carbon based fibers (cellulose) held together with phenolics (lignin)

I understand the benefits of engineering substances. Synthesized "phenolics" offer many improvements and strength characteristics in some directions over solid wood. Obviously many good applications for cues including joints, butts, ferules. But AFA stability, have never felt like phenolic-linen or -canvas tube was all that much if any more stable than actual well chosen wood. In fact, the (synthetic) phenolic moves in all 3 planes. Most wood species essentially in only 2.

Actual carbon fiber tube, properly formed and correct resin proportions, i get. Should be real advantages