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Hi guys,

I didn't see an "Introductions Section" so I guess I'll post here.

I'm pretty new to the game. This is only my second year playing competitive pool (well...depending on how competitive if you consider APA and USAPL leagues); I'm 29. My dad was a decent shot and we had an 8 footer growing up. After high school I joined the Army and then wrapped up college. My lady and I just picked it up recently as it's a pretty young crowd.

In APA, I started out as a SL4 in 9 Ball and in just two seasons of playing, I finally made it to an SL7 (just got bumped this week) with a total winning ratio of 43 wins and 21 losses for a % of 67%. In 8 Ball I'm a decent SL6 with a record of 9-5. In our USAPL Fargo league my Fargo is a 505 but I don't know what my record is. I do know I was in 1st place for our league's Top Gun race as of last week.

I made it to regionals in 9 Ball as an SL6 playing in the SL6 to SL9 group but lost in the semi-finals. What a rush that was.

I've been working with a guy (who's become a great friend over the past two years) who initially recruited me. He's an SL7 in 8 Ball and an SL9 in 9 Ball. Amazing player. He is only a little older than me and has taught me everything I know. I guess I started off with a nice stance and table manners. He tells me things and I just listen and apply them.

We play out of Bison Billiards in Buffalo. Snooker table, Billiard table, Diamond everything and great beers on tap. It's right in the mall and the whole joint just got re-modeled. Absolutely beautiful.

I'm pretty hooked and play Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after work and before the gym. Those are late nights.

My coach/buddy and I are entering the local scotch doubles tournament this Saturday (SL13 max). We're pretty sure we'll draw the biggest in the Calcutta drawing. At least that's the word around here.

I'm hooked although I really wish there was a Masters league.

Just wanted to chime in because I've been a lurker for a while. I love this damn game. I wish I picked it up earlier.

- Andrew


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Actually there is an intro section in a "sticky" at the top of the main forum.

Hope to see you around here more! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: