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Dear Grady,

Anyone who bet ON me like you did in Memphis has more than enough heart to beat ANYTHING. I have to say that I have been petty sad these past few days thinking about how to respond to this news.

You are a fine friend, a fine world class player, a fine instructor, an incredible joy to talk pool and anything with and a fine person. No one handed you anything in this game. You stepped up and made a lot of shit happen based on force of will. And you have never ever been shy to speak your mind on any subject.

I know you will beat this and be back at the table running out soon. I fully expect to see you at Derby City barking out I beat Cancer MF'ers who wants to play some!

All the best to you my friend, my mentor.

Always your friend,



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The Best Western Man

Poolplayers have more Balls!! Wishing you the best. Thanks for just being out there!! Take some time for yourself! There's always exhibitions and Tournements in your future. God Bless you Grady! Prayers sent- ps I still remeber the 125 and 150 ball runs. Mark


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If you read this Grady, please don't be too upset with your daughter. I'm sure she has your best interest at heart. While you may have wanted to keep it private, by making it public, you have had a lot of prayers said on your behalf that you otherwise wouldn't have!

Amen to that!


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This is good news, I had you almost buried. Looking forward to seeing you at the Derby so I can bust your ass. Don't dissapoint me, show up.;)

Billy I.


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c'mon Grady crah that crappy C

Grady I think of you and pray for you! As long as you don't give up and stay positive anything is possible! But care about yourself - chemo can eat your strength up too. Believe in yourself and the strength in you!!!
My wife and I actually acompagny our best friend with breast cancer. It is unbelievable how positive she is and it really seems to help!!! She is having her 4 th chemo now too-so I am sure that you can do that too-as I saw what you can do at the table.
Hugs from Germany



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Grady has taken really good care of himself, and I do believe he's strong and will get through this with flying colors.

I am an early riser, like 4 or 5 a.m. I can't shake it. Even when I'm on the road when we were at pool tournaments, I'm up at dark. I would sometimes go down to the lobby and see Grady running every single morning, wearing his jogging shoes and running outfit. He is an athlete in his own right.

Grady, if you are reading this, I have a good feeling about you and think you're going to rise above this and move forward. There is something to be said about the power of positive thinking. Anybody who's a champion like you will get through this. Just remember this chemo is only a temporary stepping stone to better days ahead. :smile:


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