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i built this cue for myself.it is a one piece butt of ropey Bubinga.the joint collar is reindeer horn and the pin is brass 3/8-10 and the shaft is a monster made from boards that were air dried 30+ years.the rpi is between 30-40 and there are a few tiny birdseyes at the bottom.there is a small brown spot about 12" from the tip that doesn't some into sight while playing but it is there.it is not bothersome in the least.

this cue plays very stiff,i guess b/c it doesn't have an a-joint,but it plays very well also.the ferrule is yellow micarta at 3/4" and the tip is a black Kamui.

i am done playing for a while and figured someone else would enjoy this cue.

price is $450 shipped


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