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My service van was broke down on shoulder of a busy freeway. I had it sitting jacked up having called a friend who was bringing me parts. A little car pulls over and backs up to me . Guy gets out and asks how it is going? I said I have parts coming I will be okay. Thanked him for stopping to check. He says I wondered if I could use your jack? Wtf I am using it. I had a second jack so I said what's up? He replies I sold this car and I just put a new tire on it so I want to switch it out but I don't have a jack.(or a lug wrench) Now his wife had gotten out and is about 15 feet away watching. I got the jack out and went to put it under the car but the jack was a inch to tall. I told him I will lift the car you put the jack under it. His wife is really curious now. I lifted the car up he pushed the.jack under and she runs 50 yards away and is scared to death. I guess I was safe until she saw I could lift her car.


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I just pictured having this table at a distract everybody and change the table. they get tipsier, you change it back.
might make a few people stop drinking. :)
Any furniture makers here?