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Thank God you arrived to tell him how to run HIS site
I'll bet you say that to everyone who has suggestions on improving the site that don't agree with your wacko right wing views. My impression of Mike is that he views this as our site and values our views.
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Smorg is giving St Peter the 7!
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Gotta reply to two of these! It was a Friday evening and I was sneaking the service station down a couple minutes early to go to the races, five minutes to be exact. A lady pulled in wanting her tires rotated. "Yes ma'am!" Told my brother to grab the jackstands and the other fourway. Rotated the tires, collected the money and locked down the station at three till! All the lady said was that she had never had her tires rotated so fast before. She didn't even have a chance to get out of the car! She did seem a bit stunned. I didn't tell her I had been changing right side tires on the circle track car for a few months. Some organizations wouldn't let us use nitrogen or other air and I had gotten very quick with a fourway lug wrench!

That looks more like a croc but reminds me of night fishing out of a seventeen foot canoe. Great way to catch bass in the summertime. The moon had went behind a cloud when I heard what sounded like the granddaddy of all bass hit on a grass bed. A mighty Karrrumpths! I cast thataway and got a hook-up. Damned near broke a couple ribs setting the hook. Fought for a little bit then the moon came out from behind the clouds. Seventeen foot canoe, seven foot gator, this was one time when seven didn't go into seventeen, math be damned! I dropped my rod tip and popped the spool on the reel. "Please give me my lure back, those big jointed jitterbugs are hard to find!"

We were attracting gators all night that night. Hard to focus on bass when you see gators cutting a wake from a few hundred yards out coming to the sound of those jitterbugs!