Funny pic/gif thread...


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This thread has seen everything from hilarious to horrid and one of the funniest constants is the political funnies and people's reactions to them.

If you can't laugh at the mess we've made, well...


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Stop un-banning. I think that will solve it.

I'd also vote for removing political commentary from signature lines, profile pictures, and profile descriptions. There's no reason to permit this. It doesn't benefit the site and only engenders conflict.
They just showed back up with a different identity. You know that. It's happened many times.


If not now...
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Shouldn't have to scroll past. The issue isn't whether or not the post "amuses." Rather, it is whether or not it violates rules that all members agree to uphold.

Expecting everyone to follow the rules is not unreasonable or a sign of non-super human will. Access to the site is a privilege, not a right. Those that refuse to follow the rules should be permanently banned.

Rules are just so 2020.

Jeff Livingston