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Schermafbeelding 2021-12-27 om 19.44.35.png

Who said you HAD to get vaxxed. There's options.


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Here's a video about that particular car.

Decades ago on one of my tours through the Harrah's auto museum, this car was on display. The sign read: "On loan from Steve McQueen". I remember standing in front of it, mesmerized and drooling.
So, in response to a "cool" comment, thought I'd post the pic..."The king of cool" in what is possibly the coolest car.


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More Murias out there than XKSSs...but I'll give it a "boy howdy" as the granddaddy of the mid engined supercars...simply lovely.
Yeah, the rarity of the Jag may trump the Miura. Bullit vs Bitches Brew? That's a tough one. The most influential car chase scene in movie history vs the bandleader who employed many of the most influential American musicians? Hmmm.... Davis' keyboard player, and a brilliant bandleader in his own right, Herbie Hancock owns what is almost certainly the earliest one owner AC Cobra.

Herbie has a funny story about when he first showed the car to Miles at 6:23

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Back in grade school there were teachers like both the above pictures I had a substitute teacher like the one in the left picture I darn near flunked out so I could be in her class again the next year until I found out she was going to move at the end of the school year !
Yes my young heart was broken ha ha