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It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ping.
And that is how your insurance company thinks.

You don't like it, get a lawyer. They'll prob allow you to rack up bills and then give you your Policy document where you said the insurer has 100% control of claim administration.


Insurance: better odds than Vegas. But not for you.
Also why you never talk to cops. Off topic is spoiler-ed and I put a funny pic at the end. Their whole jobs is to give a ticket/convict, not to prove if you're innocent. By default if a cop says so, you're guilty, it's on you to prove you're innocent. Innocent until proven guilty is the exact opposite to reality when you deal with law enforcement.

Hell, even a speeding ticket for 5 mph over the limit has a "criminal surcharge" added on, the court gets paid even if you just mail the check in. The only way to end that travesty would be if everyone who ever gets a speeding ticket and similar charges would go "waste" the court's time.

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They would sell way less beer that way. It's not uncommon for golfers to just be totally sauced by the back 9.
I know, that's why it's a hot take ;)

really though, those guys could just carry the beer in their bags and refill at the turn. It won't last long anyway.