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Hmmm... the radio says 104.9. That's not a time, clearly the driver was distracted by the radio and not watching the road. Claim denied.
And that is how your insurance company thinks.

You don't like it, get a lawyer. They'll prob allow you to rack up bills and then give you your Policy document where you said the insurer has 100% control of claim administration.


Insurance: better odds than Vegas. But not for you.

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I was chatting with the ex-wife on the phone a couple of weeks ago about her new job.

Jist of the conversation:

Me: How's the new job?
Her: It's good, but my knees hurt because I'm on my feet all day.
Me: That sucks.
Her: Yeah.
Me: Maybe you should lose some weight?
Her: Fuck You.


The next day she came to my house and I offered her a cupcake, she refused.

I kill myself sometimes...