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My friend is Randy Melvin that last time we spoke about custom guns he was about 2 year's behind I still enjoy the barrel he built for my old Sako !
Now if I could shoot up to it's potential I'd be golden !

Chances are if he installed a barrel he checked these details too but the biggest sin I have found is unwanted recoil contact points. My Remington varmint model 700 had the recoil lug of course but then it also had one action screw, the trigger, the rear of the action, and the bolt all serving as recoil absorbing areas, probably a few more I am not thinking of at the moment. As temperatures changed some of these were no doubt more critical than others but one of my biggest rules is to only have one recoil area if the action isn't a glue in! The other thing is to use a weak locktite These things and watching out for carbon build-up carried me a long ways in the accuracy of a rifle.

I also stay away from moly after cleaning layers of copper, moly, and carbon out of a very dirty barrel. Multiple layers of each one! These simple tricks led me to shoot a best five 5 shot aggregate out of the factory .308 barrel of .403. That barrel shot some tiny groups, some "big uglies" too, it was a fickle bitch! Marcie Lyons who probably knew the .308 as well as anyone alive told me that was typical of the .308.