Funny pic/gif thread...


A daily bit of fun for us here in Australia.

The door handle pic, I found several huntsmen spiders hiding there before.
My favourite was one that got into the car at some point, and was laying behind my Sun Visor.
Which I discovered whilst driving along later... we eyeballed each other a bit.
For once, it didn't jump (they tend to do that).
I calmly pulled over and encouraged him to leave my car (stick, poke, he walked out onto the roof).
I drove off, no free rides!!

Redbacks (in battery area in that pic), any nook and cranny there they are.
Messy webs, easy to spot to be honest.
At any time, I can count 10 or more in the garage.
I use leather garden gloves when moving stuff around in there.
Bite proof.


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What is a redback?
Black Widow by the looks of that red hourglass.


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That's the thing I like about getting older, I just tell some kid to fix my computer. It's kind of funny, I never felt bossy before, then, after a few gray hairs popped up, I feel entitled to tell anyone under 30 to lift heavy stuff and handle my IT problems.
This is hilarious! I do this at work, all the time now.


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Black widows also have a distinctive web. It is the tightest strongest web I have experienced.
A couple years ago my wife called me to kill a spider in one of the small gardens that are typical here in the homes. They leave a small area open to the sky for plants and ventilation. Mine have stone walls and are attractive to spiders. I thought nothing of it and since I was on the way to my car at the time,I had car keys in my hand and reached down and killed the large black shiny spider with my car key. only then did I see the bright red hourglass. Smear.