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Then we have the folks that supposedly lived damned near forever. A claim I read awhile back, if somebody survived childhood they lived just as long as we do today. Would have to be a greater dip and rise seeing how we live longer than we did a century ago.
A couple years ago my wife called me to kill a spider in one of the small gardens that are typical here in the homes. They leave a small area open to the sky for plants and ventilation. Mine have stone walls and are attractive to spiders. I thought nothing of it and since I was on the way to my car at the time,I had car keys in my hand and reached down and killed the large black shiny spider with my car key. only then did I see the bright red hourglass. Smear.

Maybe short of me but around here we have black widows, brown widows, brown hermits, maybe a few more that may be lethal as well as things like the banana spiders who make extremely nasty wounds. The banana spiders are ambitious when it comes to webs too. One stretched a web across the highway to catch cars! It couldn't hold my truck. I think they do sometimes catch small birds though.

Anyway, around here all shiny spiders die if they are around people or where people may be. Likewise the banana spiders. Other spiders I let live more often than not. One provided me entertainment for weeks stretching a web over a hundred feet between two large trees. I first thought it was using the wind when it first went across but that was the first strand. I guess after that the spider hoofed it across on it's own web instead of going to ground. Still very impressive! Others I was content to watch catch and wrap bugs. I respect their bug eating powers and don't automatically kill all spiders, only those that make me scream like a girl child, a pretty little girl child as UJ Puckett used to say!


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Spiders we got. These are very common and their web is sticky and very strong.
They like to string web through the bushes and across any open space about head high.

They rebuild lost webs in record time too. Fortunately, they only eat insects and small birds.
This one is about hand size.
banana spider, plenty here to, cant stand em, they get huge and the trees in the park near the fishing creek are full of them, all they way to the top you can see em floating, and the giant web thats just over your head as you walk down to the water, or in between trees at the waters edge will have another massive one.
i dont need a single one of em around me lol

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I know many of you have been wondering about what's been going on with Kermit the Frog after his difficulties. Here is some news.