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PT109 , the country behind those buffalo looks awfully familiar to where I've hunted them before , it takes a good 4 wd pickup with chains to get up there sometimes or back off that mountain but I really enjoyed each trip up there .

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Two Alabama State Troopers were chasing a Camaro East on I-20 toward Georgia. When the suspect crossed the Georgia line, the first Trooper pulled over quickly. The rookie Trooper pulled in behind him and said, "Hey, sarge, why did you stop?" The sarge replied, "He's in Georgia now. They're an hour ahead of us, so we'll never catch him."


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Dee Dee the area I'm referring to is called the "Buffalo Pasture" no matter what anyone says or thinks even if you in you way of thinking maybe correct in this case your wrong .

The Indian tribes up here will disagree with you all day long ha ha you have bison they have buffalo end of story .

I figured somebody would comment on that. I found a herd of free ranging buffalo when I was coming from the Dakota's over to Thunder Basin Grasslands in Wyoming. We stopped and looked, took a few pictures. I was a bit gimpy so I kept a close eye on how far from my truck I was. The answer was "not very!" I have a wholesome respect for how fast wild animals can move when they take a notion.

A decade or three back they tried raising buffalo and beefalo around here. The meat sold great but I don't think the animals tolerated the heat or pests well. There was the matter of fencing too. Fencing them in often cost more than the seed stock. People started off with barbed wire and ended up with drill stem. The little detail of buffalo never being tame or domesticated was a factor too I am sure. People manage to hand raise one with some manners but even small herds are buffalo as I am sure you know!